Blueheels w/ Surgeons in Heat, Old Panther – Fri., January 8, 2010 – The Frequency

“From silence to gale-force fury in a heartbeat.”-The Village Voice

“Last year Bon Iver was Wisconsin’s biggest musical success to be catapulted out of state and onto critical acclaim and national attention. This year belongs to the Blueheels.”

“If, within 18 months, these boys aren’t headlining international concert tours, there’s no justice in the world.” -John Mendels(s)ohn (The Isthmus-Madison, WI)

“The best current Madison Band.” – (www.missthesignpost/

“Maturity and authenticity that comes with finding your identity while growing up and out of a small Wisconsin town.”

“Indeed, these boys are damn good.” -(Aural Examination Blog Sept 08 (Washington DC))

“Rock N Roll has been given its wake up call.”- (

“Its like seeing Tom Petty.” Blake Thomas (a genuinely fantastic songwriter himself) whispered to me, “Nothing but hits.” And its true. Each song has a hook-filled melody and a giant sing a long chorus.”-Kiki Schuler (concert review for THE ISTHMUS WEEKLY; Madison, WI.)

“I cant wait for these guys to go public; Im buying stock!”-Dave Cieslewicz (Mayor of Madison, WI)

“A contender in the ever-evolving fight which shall inevitably force country, rock, and even punk to finally face one another and come to some kind of compromise. Listen to this record. Its worth your time to engrave this music into your memory.” -Craig Grossman of Green Room Booking (Honey Dogs, Charlie Parr, and Dressy Bessy)

Event Details:
Blueheels w/ Surgeons in Heat, Old Panther
Friday, January 8, 2010
10:00pm - 21+
121 West Main Street
Madison, WI 53703

Other Info
BLUEHEELS w/ Surgeons in Heat, Old Panther

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