Detroit – The Birthplace of Techno

Our readers know that Detroit is uniquely tied to the origins of the electronic music scene, and that the world-renowned sound of Detroit Techno was uniquely inspired by the industrial sounds and beats of the auto factory floor.

With the Movement 2014 festival coming up, Ford collaborated with festival promoters – Paxahau – to pay homage to Detroit’s special role in the history of the electronic music genre – and take pride in the influence from Detroit’s other claim to fame – its automotive history.

They brought Movement performers Ataxia and Secrets to an assembly plant where the Ford Focus electric car is built and then turned loose.  These artists directly captured the sounds of the plant, and transformed them into tracks that will debut live at Movement.

These tracks celebrate the inspiration provided by Detroit’s auto industry to the sound of techno.

Ataxia –

Secrets –

This is a cool project; and a great way to celebrate the Birthplace of Techno!

Hope you enjoy the tracks, and perhaps get the chance to hear them on the dance floor at Hart Plaza this weekend!