Dirty-Brown and Miserable – Electrosound of Holland! – Wed., August 4, 2010 – The Inferno Nightclub

Event Details:
Dirty-Brown and Miserable - Electrosound of Holland!
Wednesday, August 4, 2010
9:00pm - $7 - 21+
The Inferno Nightclub (map)
1718 Commercial Ave
Madison, WI, USA
Other Info
Creme organization, back in the US for the first time in a few years. Only 11 dates in SF, LA NYC, Detroit, so we are lucky to have them stop in Madison!

LEGOWELT - Live (Holland)
Strange Life, Creme Org, Bunker etc etc

...DJ TLR (aka Frankie Osmo, Holland)
Creme Org, Bunker, Intergalactic FM
http://www.globaldarkness.com/, http://robotdj.net/?dj=TLR

Not Happy Jan (Australia)
M-Division, Meccanoid

DJ S-Sick (Madison)

DJ P-Rez (Madison)

DJ Not Happy Jan

Over ten years later and his mix of grumpy disco, bleepno and assorted psychedeliia is still as incoherent as ever. International shows in

Singapore, Bangkok and tours with the Creme Organization in Europe have included The Hague's 'Today's Art' festival and Barcelona as a

participant of the Red Bull Music Academy 2008. Playing at festival inclunding ‘Rainbow Serpent’, ‘Earthcore’, ‘Two Tribes’ and ‘Sunshine

People’, NHJ has made radio appearances on Triple J, 3PBS, RRR, Straight Up, Kink FM (Holland) and is co-host of the 'Good Machine, Bad

Machine' programme on Kiss FM Australia. Involved in everything from organising local events and touring artists, writing for local

magazines, Jan established the M Division record label dedicated to the aesthetics of early 90's techno in 2008 which also feature some

of his collaborations.

DJ TLR (aka Frankie Osmo, aka Mr.Clavio) - 20 years in the business of dirty disco and gutter electro

Head of the Crème Organization, minister of propagnada of Bunker Records The Hague, inventor of the horse-powered car. Recognized

throughout the electro circle world-wide as one of the best dj's around, due to his instinctive ability to keep the dancer dancing and the

listener listening. With irresistable flair this badboy turns any dancfloor into a swarming mass of goosebumped girls, feeding them a

heady diet of deep emotional Italo, La Haya Cocadisco, Electro-funk and Jack Trax.
my favorite mixes: http://robotdj.net/getme.php?id=5073 disco/italo: http://robotdj.net/getme.php?id=4683 technoid:


Legowelt ((real name Danny Wolfers) - live. Self-described as hybrid form of slam jack combined with deep Chicago house, romantic

ghetto technofunk and EuroHorror Soundtrack

Already a few years in the business Legowelt has released more than two dozen or so projects on various formats, most of them on

vinyl on Bunker records, The Hague's electronic music label, where he started under the wing of such musical mentors as IF and Melvin

White (aka pametex). He has had some mainstream exposure with 'Disco Rout' which was voted track of the year 2002 by the German

music magazine, Groove. In 1998 Bunker released Legowelt's first vinyl album, Pimpshifter, a 6-track which became an instant cult hit

with tracks such as 'Sturmvogel' and 'Total Pussy Control'. Apart from producing, Legowelt has been playing live all over the world for

the last 7 years. A lot of time together with Orgue Electronique and the infamous Bunker Team.

Some aliases and side-projects he has are Catnip (with Luke Eargoggle), The Chicago Shags (with Orgue Electronique), Gladio, Smackos,

Smackulator (with Speculator), Squadra Blanco, Salamandos, Raheem Hershel and Venom 18. Most music of Danny Wolfers is published

by Clone Publishing from Rotterdam. Clone also co-released Legowelt's greatest hits album together with Bunker records. In 2006

Legowelt started his own label called Strange life records.

on facebook:
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