Photo review – Doomtree Live 12.05.2010

Dessa and P.O.S. performing at High Noon Saloon
P.O.S. and Dessa

On Sunday night at the High Noon Saloon, a full house of appreciative listeners got the rare chance to catch all seven Doomtree artists performing together.

The evening started with the crew’s “beat masters” – Lazerbeak and Paper Tiger – showcasing music from their new solo releases.  Lazerbeak, unnecessarily and almost apologetically, reassured the crowd that the hip-hop was coming…  and when the five MCs (P.O.S., Dessa, Sims, Mike Mictlan and Cecil Otter) hit the stage, it really did.

Doomtree is a record label and a hip-hop collective; and it seems to be entirely composed of cool cats.  I enjoyed each and every one on Sunday night  – and together the energy was amazing.  Mrs. Bill and I had a great, great time at this show. On the way out, I picked up False Hopes XV and have been crankin’ it and reliving the moment in my mind… until I get the chance to see them again!  It is recommended.

If you missed the merch table at the show, get it here –
I encourage you to support independent artists. We need them… and if you don’t, who will?