DOSH – Wed., June 22, 2011 – Shitty Barn

Event Details:
Wednesday, June 22, 2011
6:00pm - $15 - All Ages Buy Tickets
506 E. Madison St.

Spring Green, WI, US 53588
Other Info
Otherwise known as Martin Dosh, you are in for a sonic layer cake both hauntingly familiar and contextually foreign all frosted with rhythm and boogie jelly in between.

Hailing from Minneapolis, this lo-fi looptastic multi-instrumentalist draws from jazz, hip-hop, electronica and probably Bach (whether or not he intends to) to create lush and complete compositions. It's no wonder Andrew Bird likes him enough to collaborate.

For some of you this is a perfect chance to experiment with experimental electronic music. For others, this is a special surprise treat to see your favorite guy in a sh*tty barn. Either way - come feel the love!

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