Eyedea & Abilities with Kristoff Krane, 9 Delegates, Kill the Vultures – Sat., July 24, 2010 – High Noon Saloon

Event Details:
Eyedea & Abilities with Kristoff Krane, 9 Delegates, Kill the Vultures
Saturday, July 24, 2010
10:00pm - $14 door, $12 adv - 18+
701 East Washington Avenue
Madison, WI 53703-2958

Madison, WI
Other Info
Eyedea & Abilities

The Rhymesayers DJ/MC tag-team from Minneapolis, Eyedea & Abilities, are coming through Madison 7/24 at The High Noon Saloon. E&A have been grinding on the hip-hop scene for a while and have built a reputation as two of the hardest working gentleman in the game.

Eyedea and Abilities started making noise in the mid to late nineties as members of an emerging scene in underground music along side fellows and friends Atmosphere, Aesop Rock, El-P, Living Legends, Sage Francis, Blueprint and many others. Their latest album, By the Throat, brings biting guitars, fuzzy keyboards, melodic choruses, and their most intricate turntable work to date. It is laced in subject matter ranging from coping with loss and the hardships of addiction, to neuroscience, and quantum mechanics.

Kristoff Krane
Kristoff Krane’s distinctive blend of message-driven lyrics, delivered over organic composition and carefully sampled beats, demands attention. A natural born teacher and poet, Krane’s lyrics connect our similarities rather than pointing out our differences, “… an artist finding resolve through expression”. Whether rapping over a beat, singing over a piano, or creating a song, live, through a loop-pedal with his audience, Krane has branded his performance as an experience bound to resonate with something deeper than our ego desires. The fusion of these elements gives Krane’s music an edge and musical appeal that continues to expand his fan base.

9 Delegates
With Hip Hop as a solid back bone, 9 DELEGATES MUSIC is sure to bring their audiences a wide variety of style and flavor, from the lyrical structure of Cory O.D. Park and Sticky Starr, to the crazy vocals of Lifelessin the GOD, to the abstract rhymes of Siggie Sedge.

Kill the Vultures
The songs are nocturnal, urban soundscapes with an eye towards the industrial rust-belt cities of the upper mid-west. The vocals are predominantly crime narratives, spliced with social commentary. He drops surreal imagery and gritty truths in the same breath. The beats utilize a hard-boiled sample pallet, consisting of drums, upright bass, strings, and horns, filled out with live instrumentation.

Get your tickets fast if you haven't already... this show will sell out!

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