Linsey Alexander “The Hoochie Man”: Live at The Harmony Bar

Linsey Alexander, Chicago blues legend was back in town last Friday, cooking up some serious heat on the Harmony dance floor with his stash of raunchy lyrics and mean hand on the guitar. For those of you who have not seen him live, he is quite the character and puts up a performance not to be missed. He is one of the original blues men, transplanted to Chicago’s south side in the 60’s and ever since has channeled the grittiness and rough character of the area through his song. As Linsey puts it “blues music is not hard, it’s just a documentary about life.”

Here are some pictures from the show last weekend. If you missed him in town, catch him at his weekly gig in the windy city at The Kingston Mines Chicago Blues Center. We’re pretty sure he’ll be back in Madison again this year, and will keep you posted.