Matias Aguayo @ The Inferno, March 10, 2010

Many of you may not be familiar with the name Matias Aguayo, as was the case with me till recently. Born in Santiago, Chile and brought up in Cologne, Germany where his parents had settled after fleeing Pinochet’s regime, Matias grew up living and contributing to the thriving electronic and dance music the city is known for. We were in for a treat on an otherwise foggy and rainy Wednesday night in Madison, with a spectacular live set by the man. Matias’ DJ sets are unique and are partly live sets with singing and live instrumentation mixed in. There is an intensity and sensuality to the music, drawing people to the dance floor to dance to dark disco gems, futuristic visions of underground house with rhythms bouncing from South America to India, nocturnal and groove driven techno. Here are some pictures from the evening for you to enjoy. And catch his set whenever and wherever you can!

Some albums I recommend you pick up (links to albums available at Strictly Discs and Amazon):
Strictly Discs Minimal, Ay Ay Ay, Rollerskate [Vinyl]
Mp3 downloads at