MC ZULU – Thu., February 23, 2012 – The Inferno Nightclub

Event Details:
Thursday, February 23, 2012
9:30pm - $5 cover before 10pm, only $8 after! - 21+
The Inferno Nightclub (map)
1718 Commercial Ave
Madison, WI, USA
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Having achieved worldwide acclaim for his off-brand variety of Electro-driven Reggae, MC Zulu continues to push the sonic envelope.

He deliberately chooses rhythms with a worldly, yet uncategorizable feel to them as the backdrop for his rapid fire, randomized cadence.

MC Zulu's appeal, however goes further than his choice of tracks.

While many of his Dancehall contemporaries, finding themselves in unfamiliar musical territory, adhere to a more classic Reggae songwriting style, Zulu enthusiastically breaks rules. He routinely channels a variety of artists which have nothing to do with Dancehall to create his intriguing sound.

It is said that he developed such lyrical precision early on, during his collaborations with Hip-Hop greats such as Aceyalone and Kool Keith.

While irreverent interjections of Jazz choruses, Country storytelling or Hip-Hop street smarts may go unnoticed to the casual listener, those who have an attuned ear immediately develop an appreciation for Zulu's imaginative musings. It's no surprise that some of his most ardent fans around the world are DJs who have embraced the Global Bass Music trend.

The press describes MC Zulu's work as “ a sneak preview of what dancehall reggae is likely to sound like ten years from now ”. He is known throughout the world as the voice of experimental Reggae.

Zulu's prolific catalog boasts a wide-ranging list of releases for labels such as EMI, Warner, NinjaTune, and Planet Mu. The trademark megaphone makes him instantly recognizable, but his one-of-a-kind delivery combined with various forms of Global Bass Music, is what makes him unforgettable.

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..and STICKEE FINGAZZ (HoneyPotCrew) will be doing the selecting for MC ZULU!!

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