ORGONE, HERMAN ASTRO – Fri., March 11, 2011 – High Noon Saloon

Event Details:
Friday, March 11, 2011
9:30pm - Free for protestors, $10 - 18+
701 East Washington Avenue
Madison, WI 53703-2958

Madison, WI
Other Info
Free show for protestors...

This a palm tree to protesters, tonight at High Noon. Just tell 'em at the door what you think of Wallker and the "repair" bill. Orgone are an amazing funk band from LA...c'mon down, sweat, dance and party like it's Jan 28, 2011.

Los Angeles based band Orgone is many souls with a cosmic connection, a natural creative force and musicians who have played together for years. They are self schooled and continue to shape their musical voice as a solid unit of guys who hang, spin records and jam out their shared inspirations. With a rooted sense of funk, soul, afrobeat, deep rhythms and an intimate understanding of dj culture as well as each others' individual talents, Orgone seamlessly slides through multiple styles and dynamic performances. The group continuously injects whatever they play with a heavy brand of raw funk power.

Combining elements from every genre under the Kuiper Belt, Herman Astro is a welcome return to good, old-fashioned groove. Driven by soul vocals, jazzy, locked-in drums and bass, and soaring guitar work, these boys genuinely combine Radiohead with Otis, Miles with the Talking Heads, hell, your grandpa’s cap with your uncle’s handlebar mustache. Herman Astro’s members focus on giving new life to what’s been done (and should have been done), infusing the tried-and-true with their new.

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