PETER BJORN & JOHN – Fri., August 26, 2011 – The Majestic Theatre

Event Details:
Friday, August 26, 2011
7:00pm - FREE - All Ages
115 King Street
Madison, WI 53703
Other Info
An All Ages FREE show in front of The Majestic!
Opening JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound also Nick Nice
No carry-ins. Beer for sale.

Peter Bjorn and John have been called a lot of things in their time. But one thing they have not been called is ‘Supertramp’. This is both a tragedy and a blessing, as the Swedish Rockers and the British conceptual progressive art rockers have next to nothing in common. It is a little known secret that Björn, John and Peter (who shall from now on be referred to as Peter, Björn, and John), met in the summer of some time ago, in the small fishing village of Bysthållare on the west coast riviera of their native Sweden. Their bond: instant. Their style: Jazz.

Peter is a semi?qualified pirate, with only 4 more plank walks remaining before his graduation to Private Pirate. He has a ship, called ‘Spongebob’ moored in The Pirate Bay, in Sweden. Björn is a musical misfit in sheep’s clothing, and can recite on demand the full lyrics to Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells, in reverse, while holding a piña colada. Just ask!

John was famed in his local shopping mall for only using escalators to ascend to the next floor. To this day he still demands motionless stairwells to motorize his journey upwards. He has spent many weeks standing and shouting on the bottom step of any one of the 1005 staircases that adorn his apartment.

Nobody could have guessed what the future held for these 3 professional chat show hosts. Despite numerous visits to psychics, prophets, wizards, and fishmongers, not one person guessed that they would be the authors and performers of the 3rd most successful song (featuring whistling) of all time. Yes, the beautiful ode to childbirth ‘Young Folks’ came a mouth watering 5 points behind winners, ‘Wind of Change’ by the Scorpions, and the alternate theme tune from Magnum PI.

This mild success catapulted them into a spotlight the size of a small car’s headlight. And caught like rabbits, they had nowhere to turn. The boys stuck to what they knew and churned out album after album of forgotten classics. Scouring the globe playing to audiences of literally hundreds. With various guest appearances from Kanye West, Perry Caravello and Bruce Willis, the live shows reached new mesmerizing highs, culminating in the fateful Altamont Fiasco which spelled the end for the worldwide security organization known as the Hell’s Angels.

Their latest album, the thrillingly titled, Gimme Some, is their latest, vain attempt at pop magnificence. Another shot at the cake. A kick in the back of failure, and then running away before it gets a chance to kick you back. And you know what? In my opinion (my being you), they have achieved such a wonderous feat. Let’s get physical!

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