Peter Wolf Crier @ Der Rathskeller – Fri., April 9, 2010

Event Details:
Peter Wolf Crier @ Der Rathskeller
Friday, April 9, 2010
8:00pm - FREE SHOW - Der Rathskeller - All Ages
Other Info
They're only a two-piece (guitar, and drums), but their sound is much bigger and they're fantastic performers. Lead singer, Peter Pisano is a strong front man, and as if playing guitar and singing at the same time isn't enough to be doing, Peter constantly keeps his feet moving, putting effects on his vocals, guitar, looping, and playing a bass organ w/ his feet as well! Plus the show is free.

MP3: Peter Wolf Crier "Crutch And Cane":

video: Peter Wolf Crier "For Now" (Live at SXSW):
video: Peter Wolf Crier "Untitled 101":

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