The 7th Annual MAMA Awards – The Capitol Theater, May 8, 2010

mamas2010-52A good time was had by all at the MAMA Awards ceremony on the eve of Mothers Day this year. Fans and supporters of music in the Madison area cheered their favorite bands through the awards announcements but the treat was the live performances by several area bands and high school students, showcasing the immense music talent in our community. Here are some pictures from this year’s show…

A complete listing of winners of this year’s awards…

Artist Of The Year
Aaron Williams and The Hoodoo

Album Of The Year
Alternative – El Valiente, Daceton
Blues – Aaron Williams and the Hoodoo, It Ain’t Easy
Classical – Scott Lamps, Evensong
Compilation – Union Cab of Madison Presents: Rearview Visionaries Vol. 2
Country – Madison County, Enjoy The Ride
Electronic – The Cemetery Improvement Society, Lonely Dog Island
Folk/Americana – Beth Kille, This Beautiful Beast
Hard Rock/Punk – Helliphant, Powdered Tusk
Jazz – Mama Digdown’s Brass Band, We Make ‘Em Say Ooh
Pop – Mark Croft, The Possibility of Disaster
Rock – Sunspot, Singularity
Unique – Zombeatles, Meat the Zombeatles
Urban/R&B – Dumate, We Have The Technology
World – Primitive Culture, Fantasy

Song Of The Year
Alternative – Letter 8, “Habit”
Blues – Aaron Williams and the Hoodoo, “Drinking Blues”
Classical – Scott Lamps, “Evensong”
Country/Bluegrass – Ryan Casey, “Please Don’t Go”
Electronic – The Cemetery Improvement Society, “Sixth Severance”
Folk/Americana – Beth Kille, “I Can’t Love You Anymore”
Hard Rock/Punk – Cactus Joe and the Guppy Effect, “Porn Star Hot”
Jazz – Harmonious Wail, “Vegan Zombie’s Lament”
Pop – Mark Croft, “Momma Don’t Come Around”
Rock – Sunspot, “No Place Like Home”
Unique – The Gomers, “Alien vs. Predator”
Urban/R&B – Mike Droho & The Compass Rose, “Shame On You”
World – Primitive Culture, “Hook Up”

Performer Of The Year
Blues – Aaron Williams and the Hoodoo
Country/Bluegrass – The Rowdy Prairie Dogs
Cover Band – The Blue Olives
DJ – Fusion
Electronic – The Cemetery Improvement Society
Folk/Americana – Beth Kille
Hard Rock/Punk – The Motor Primitives
Jazz – Harmonious Wail
Pop – Mark Croft
Rock – The Lucas Cates Band
Unique – Art Paul Schlosser
Urban/R&B – The L.O.S.T. S.O.U.L.S
World – Natty Nation
Youth Ensemble – Stoughton Concert Choir

New Artist
Whitney Mann

Male Vocalist
Mark Croft

Female Vocalist
Beth Kille

Ensemble Vocalists
The Blue Olives

Video Of The Year
Mark Croft, “Don’t Speak”

Bass – Gordon Ramney (The Gomers)
Brass – Phil Lyons (Primitive Culture)
Drummer/Percussionist – Eric Shackleford (Aaron Williams and the Hoodoo)
Guitarist – John Masino
Keyboardist – Jimmy Vogeli (The Jimmys)
Specialty Instrument – Sims Delaney-Pothoff (Harmonious Wail) (mandolin)
Strings – Biff Blumfumgagnge (The Gomers)
Woodwinds – Bob Corbit (Primitive Culture)

People’s Choice Awards
Live Music Venue of the Year – High Noon Saloon
Live Sound Engineer – Lonya Nenashev
Recording Studio of the Year – Smart Studios
Recording Sound Engineer – Mike Zirkel
Local Music Record Store of the Year – B-Side
Local Music Radio Station of the Year – WORT, 89.9 FM
Local Music Radio Personality of the Year – Rockin’ John McDonald

Teachers Of The Year
Tom Mielke and Brad Schneider, Middleton High School

Student Of The Year
Greg Riss

Youth Performer Of The Year
Alice Hueng

Meritorious Service Awards
Donny Neufuss, Madison County

Lifetime Achievement Award
Jim Fleming