The Tragically Hip – Barrymore Theater, 05.15.2007

I was one of those poor shmucks that had never heard, much less seen, the Tragically Hip. Lucky for me a couple of my well-respected acquaintances revealed that the Hip were “their favorite band of all time.” That caught my attention. I did go – and now I understand. The Hip are a very tight band, with a theatrical and charismatic lead singer. And I’ve always been a sucker for the 3-guitar and bass line-up. Gordon Downie was incredibly dynamic and expressive.

I was raving throughout, but Ed kept telling me that they hadn’t even played his favorite songs yet. . . He might have been playing with me, but I found the promise of this exciting. I knew none of their material, but I was lovin’ every song. The only Hip song from the show that I could name is Dire Wolf, because Gordon introduced it with an outrageous story about the Dire Wolf, with webbed feet and ability to save the drowning. They also did a great cover of “Come Together.” Click here for their setlist, if you are interested.

It was incredible to see them at the Barrymore with perhaps a crowd of 800. But I’ve got to say the Hip gave it their all – as if they were playing for a crowd of 15,000 – and they repeatedly expressed appreciation to the music lovers that came out. I’m sure their Canadian fans would kill for an opportunity to see them in such a venue. And I certainly felt privileged to be there. I’m their newest fan. . .

Here are a few of my photos. More are up on my Flickr page. [Of course, Ankur would do a much better job with his digital gear. . . Yes, Shannon, I am talking to you!]

Cheers! – Mr Bill