WILCO @ The Overture Center

Another fun Wilco show in Madison yesterday evening… as usual the show had sold out long ago (though there were plenty of good deals on tickets outside the door) and the Overture was packed with Wilco fans (and Nick Lowe’s as well, who opened for the band). An intense two hour show that started of with a country acoustic flavor with ‘Capitol City’ and ‘One Sunday Morning’ from the new release The Whole Love, as well as several personal favorites from Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, A Ghost is Born and Being There… still grooving to ‘Handshake Drugs’ and ‘Jesus, etc.’ this morning! Plenty of banter from Mr. Tweedy throughout the show, including a reading from a proclamation by the Madison City Council declaring the band members citizens of the city… there is no doubt that the band was in fan territory. Here are some pictures from the beginning of the show… enjoy!